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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time to follow the sun ...

Well the time has come. With all haste we booked our tickets back to ol’Blighty last week once we had managed to tie up a few loose ends. We fly out of Melbourne on Wednesday evening and after a nasty 6 hour stop-over in Abu Dhabi we arrive in London for a solid month of catch ups, time with Kat’s family, a chance to meet Kat’s sister’s new man (!), perhaps some sailing with our good mate Stu on his new boat and perhaps some boarding in Davos with Brendan (well he’d be skiing but we’ll forgive him for that!!)

The picture is Hugh's surprise birthday dinner with Diane's 3 sisters.

Wow, it has been 6 months in Melbourne with Mum and Dad. It’s been great to spend some quality time with them but now it is time for change of pace, space and direction! We arrive back in Turkey on the 7th of May ready for a little rudder work before the boat goes in the water on the 12th. Then it is MORE Turkey, and then Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Ceuta, Gibraltar and then on to the Canaries for an Atlantic crossing at the end of the year. So while I reckon we’ll make a few more comments on this blog, shortly we’ll no longer be landlubbers and hence it’ll be back to the boat blog site at so jump on let us know ya thoughts, especially if you’re thinking about coming out to join us, and above, all stay in touch.